Imperfections of an OFDM System for 5G NR

Published On: Jun 22, 2021

Due to its high spectral efficiency and robustness to multipath fading channels, OFDM is becoming the technique of choice for high data rates transmission. OFDM is already used in Wireless Local Area Networks(WLAN) standards such as IEEE 802.11a and 802.11g, LTE(4G), 5G NR and other high speed data applications for both wireless and wired communications.

Despite its promises, OFDM is very sensitive to synchronization errors and, in the presence of such inaccuracies, the performance of an OFDM system can be greatly degradedWith the introduction of mmWave in 5G NR phase noise becomes a major problem.

In this course we will talk about various such imperfections in the system. we will discuss about the source of these imperfections, their signal model, how they modifies the  signal, estimation and compensation technique of few imperfections. We will also understand analytically the performance degradation of the system due to these imperfections.

We will focus on the following imperfections in the wireless communication system:

  1. CFO
  2. SCO
  3. Time Offset
  4. Phase Offset
  5. Phase Noise
  6. IQ Impairments
  7. LO Leakage (DC Offset)


The dates for the live course is 3-4 July and it will be conducted over Zoom. The total duration of the course will be around 4 hours.

This course is based on Pay What You Want. You can pay whatever amount you want.